Oct 20, 2021 DIY Home

Halloween Decor Inspiration From Omaha Influencers

Now that fall is finally here and we’ve decked our homes out with pumpkins, gourds and garlands, we’re already looking forward to one of our favorite holidays: Halloween!  

This holiday, which is dedicated to all things scary, is always fun to decorate for. Spider webs, bats, Jack-o-lanterns, you name it. But if you’re not sure what direction you want to take your décor this year, don’t worry! Omaha influencers have you covered. We rounded up some photos from local Instagrammers to give you a little spooky inspiration. Enjoy!  

A Super-Spooky Gallery Wall 

Via @katiestarks  

Packed full of adorable, witchy signs, Katie Stark’s 2020 Halloween gallery wall offers up a ton of inspiration for those looking to add a bit of spooky spirit to their homes this year! You can pick up signs like this from plenty of Omaha department or home décor stores, or you can make your own by participating in a class at Create DIY Craft Studio.  

Spider Webs & Sugar Skulls Galore 

Via @jennmarriott 

Complete with spider webs, skulls, signs, pumpkins, bats and more—Jenn Marriott’s Halloween-themed entry way in 2020 was the perfect way to say hello to the fall season! And we can’t forget her addition of several candy bowls (a must for Halloween) and a great smelling fall candle.  

A Cozy Fall Living Room 

Via @emilywelchstyle

Emily Welch’s living room last year came alive with cozy fabrics, pumpkin-everything, fall signs, a leaf garland, wreaths and more. While her living spaces weren’t specifically themed for Halloween in 2020, they were still the perfect backdrop for Halloween candy eating and movie watching.  

Simple & Fun Halloween Porch Décor 

Via @alex_imperfected 

Sometimes, less is more when it comes to holiday décor! That’s why we love this simple, yet fun, mini porch makeover from @alex_imperfected. Complete with several real pumpkins, a themed wreath, monster decorations and an adorable Jack-o-lantern welcome mat, this is a cute way to celebrate the season without completely taking over your home’s overall aesthetic.  

A Halloween-Themed Bar Cart 

Via @nikkioverkamp 

Whether you enjoy making your own cocktails or not, a bar cart is a great way to dress up awkward corners in your home. And, as an added bonus, they are super fun to decorate for different seasons! Take this one from Nikki Overkamp, which featured some bright balloons, bat cut-outs, potion bottles and plenty of candy corn. 

A Minimalist Halloween 

Via @chicandmodishblog 

When you hit the Halloween section of your local department store, it can be hard to find some spooky items that will fit in with your minimalist style. But because Halloween can be interpreted in so many ways, simple black and white themes like this one from Lydia at @chicandmodishblog still offers that classic Halloween-feel without going overboard on orange or purple.  

Autumn Décor for the Plant Lover 

Via @anneandkathleen

Another post that doesn’t necessarily scream “Halloween”, this décor spread from Toni at @anneandkathleen is perfect who want to keep their autumn decorations up all season long. We love how the orange of her pumpkins and fall leaves play with the dark green of her many plants. And because Toni included several strands of fairy lights, the scene looks equally as magical at night.  

Natural Halloween Décor 

Via @lifeonvirginiastreet

Even though Sarah from @lifeonvirginiastreet doesn’t decorate for Halloween very often, we think she nailed the look on her front porch. Featuring simple green and orange pumpkins, mums, a dark wreath, an orange and black garland and a bright “pumpkin tree” display, the whole effect is as simple and elegant as the rest of her gorgeous home.  

A Bat-tastic Kitchen  

Via @notednatalie

If you love Halloween as much as Natalie from @notednatalie does, don’t be afraid to put your décor where you spend a lot of your time—like your kitchen! Her 2020 Halloween kitchen featured large bats, black and white pumpkins, orange decorations, fall candles and more.  

Bringing Sleepy Hollow to Omaha 

Via @thestripedhouse 

When it comes to decorating for Halloween, you have plenty of décor directions to choose from. You could go classically orange, black and purple. Stay minimalist. Throw in exciting new colors like pink or blue. Or you could theme it to a specific book or movie—just like Jen from @thestripedhouse! Her Legend of Sleepy Hollow-themed Halloween décor features fake crows, white pumpkins and the first page of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow framed and prominently displayed.  

Have fun decorating!  

How are you planning on decorating your home for Halloween? Let us know in the comments below.

Oct 20, 2021 DIY Home
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