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12 Reasons Why We Love Living in Lincoln

Nebraska’s capital city, Lincoln, has been garnering a lot of attention as of late as one of the best places to live in the country—for a good reason! We’re one of the best places to raise a family, one of the best cities for retirees, a great college town and a great place to start a business. 

If all of those accolades haven’t convinced you, we rounded up some of the reasons why we like living here. From the thriving music scene to the incredible locals—there are hundreds of reasons to love Lincoln! 

Homes Are Very Affordable 

Lincoln, NE

If you’re in the market to buy a home, you will find lots of desirable options in Lincoln. But you’ll also find that many of these homes are much more affordable than they would be in other American cities! The median price for a home in Lincoln is just $182,000, which is much lower than the national median home value of $226,800. 


…And the Cost of Living is Incredibly Low 

Lincoln is consistently ranked as an extremely affordable city by national media outlets. Not only did list the city as the second most affordable college town in the United States, but we’ve also been named one of the most affordable places to retire and one of the most affordable cities for renters


We Have a Great Work/Life Balance

Lincoln, NE

Maintaining a healthy work/life balance is imperative in staying happy and less stressed. Thankfully we don’t have much of an issue with balancing our life here in Lincoln. SmartAsset ranked Lincoln as the second city (and Omaha as the third!) in the nation when it comes to having a work/life balance in 2019 due to our low unemployment rate, high labor-force participation and low commute times. 


Our Food is Incredible 

Our amazing city is settled in the agricultural center of the country! Our rolling hills and abundant sunshine make it easy to raise livestock and grow produce. In fact, our area is surrounded by an abundance of local farms and markets perfect for stocking up on meat, dairy, produce and more. We take advantage of the local bounty by using it in our cooking and enjoying it at some of our favorite local restaurants


…And Our Brews Aren’t Too Shabby Either

While Lincoln isn’t considered a top craft beer city, we guarantee that wherever you are, there is an excellent brewery around every corner. Zipline Brewing, a Nebraska favorite, is located right here along with Boiler Brewing Company, White Elm Brewing Company and plenty more, pouring flavorful creations every day. 


The Shopping is Next Level

We love supporting local small businesses. Smaller shops tend to pay careful attention to the items they carry, often showcasing regional artists and makers in the process. Luckily, Lincoln is home to an abundance of fantastic local shops—from antique stores to adorable boutiques—that make supporting small businesses a breeze! 


It’s a Music-Lover’s Paradise

Lincoln, NE

Photo courtesy of Madeline Cass via Lincoln Calling

Lincoln just happens to boast a thriving music scene, with plenty of successful musicians getting their start right here. Any night of the week, there are several local and national acts performing in a bar or venue across town. Plus, our area plays host to some amazing music festivals throughout the year including Lincoln Calling and the Nebraska Folk & Roots Festival


There’s Always Something Fun to Do

You never have to worry about being bored in Lincoln. There are so many fun things to do, see and explore! Pay a visit to the National Museum of Roller Skating; dine on one of our city’s finest restaurant patios; explore the Sunken Gardens; soak up some history at the Nebraska State Capital building; or play at the Lincoln Children’s Museum.


Our Locals Are Making a Difference

Lincoln consists of a tight-knit community that never passes up an opportunity to come together for a greater cause. There are so many fantastic businesses and organizations in the area dedicated to lending a helping hand whenever they can. From A Novel Idea, a local bookstore that donates a portion of their proceeds to local charities, to Pink Gorilla Events, an event planning organization that has donated over $350,000 to local groups over the years. You can find a full list of Lincoln locals that are making a difference here


We’re Conveniently Located 


Lincoln, NEWhile there’s plenty to do in Lincoln, sometimes we all need a little vacation. And because our beloved college town is centered so perfectly in the United States, we can reach a few of the country’s most-loved tourist destinations quickly and easily. For road trip ideas, check out: 9 Summer Road Trips from Lincoln, Nebraska



Anyone who’s visited the Lincoln area (or any part of Nebraska for that matter) can attest to our deep, personal dedication to the Huskers. On a football game day, Memorial Stadium becomes the third-largest city in Nebraska, covering the area with a sea of red jerseys, balloons and Husker memorabilia. And it’s not just football; we’re this obsessed with all of our local sports—from volleyball and golf to basketball and the marching band! 


We’re Doggone Dog-Friendly

Lincoln, NE

We get that your dog is a member of your family—and so does the rest of Lincoln! Our city is full of local pet stores and groomers where you can pamper your pup. And there is a growing list of pet-friendly restaurants, shops, cafés and bars. Just check out our Dog-Owner’s Guide to Lincoln to see where Fido is welcome. 


Did You Fall in Love with Lincoln Too? 

Let us know why you love it here, and if you’re planning a move, we can help you find your dream home! Contact us or use our advanced search tool to get started. 

Aug 2, 2019 Communities
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