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Lincoln Was Ranked in Top 10 Cities to Buy a House in the U.S.

As a real estate company with a presence in Nebraska’s capital city, we are quite tuned into the discussion of buying and selling homes in Lincoln. So we weren’t surprised to see that Lincoln landed at the #10 spot on Niche’s list of the Best Cities to Buy a House in America in 2021!

Over the years, the city has garnered attention for its desirability, and now we have the stats to prove it. Niche examined a variety of factors in determining these top-tier cities, several of which focused on the city’s real estate market.

Let’s take a look at the specific reasons Lincoln was included in this ranking — and help you determine if you might want to buy a home here, whether you’re currently renting in Lincoln or you’re a newcomer considering a move to this promising city!


Moving to Lincoln, NE

Niche tapped into data from the U.S. Census, FBI and other sources to calculate the best cities to buy a house. The grade for each city took into account a variety of factors related to the local housing market, including home values, taxes, crime rates, and quality of local schools.

The three most weighted categories included the Home Value to Income Ratio (15%), the Public Schools Grade (15%), and the Monthly Housing Cost (10%), collectively making up 40% of the overall score. Lincoln scored quite well in all three categories.

Niche has also assigned an overall grade to each city, which can be broken down into specific categories. Lincoln has earned an A for its overall Niche grade, with some stand-out subcategories: Public Schools (A-), Good For Families (A), Outdoor Activities (A-), Nightlife (A), Diversity (A-), Health & Fitness (A-), and Commute (A).

Housing Prices

Perhaps the most important factor to consider when examining a city’s liveability is the current housing market. And you’ll be pleased to know that Lincoln’s is both promising and stable. At the time of the ranking, Lincoln had a relatively affordable median home value of $169,800, which is less than the national average of $217,500. This makes buying into the market reasonable and rational for a variety of different buyers. And the market is expected to remain stable and promising, making this an ideal time to buy a home (especially while interest rates are still low!).

Excellent Schools

Lincoln Public Schools

A community’s school system often plays an important role in determining whether or not a move makes sense for you and your family. Lincoln has a large number of highly rated public and private schools, which contributed to the city’s high ranking for education. Some of the top public schools in Lincoln include Lincoln East High School, Southwest High School, Lux Middle School, Adams Elementary School, Humann Elementary School, and Lincoln Southeast High School, all of which received an A.

And Niche is not the only entity that thinks so! Lincoln Public Schools has been classified as a “great” school district by AQuESTT (Accountability for a Quality Education System Today and Tomorrow), the new accountability system from the Nebraska Department of Education. The previous system based their ranking solely on the schools’ state assessments and graduation rates, while AQuESTT brings in a variety of important factors, including growth and improvement, the effective use of data, progress for English Language Learners, and reductions in chronic absenteeism.

Not to mention, Lincoln is well equipped for education after high school graduation. After all, it is home to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, which is the flagship institution of the University of Nebraska system (and the oldest university in the state!). The university consistently ranks among the top research universities in the country, and in the top third of all universities, both public and private. Not to mention, the university is responsible for the thriving sports culture for the city, most prominent at Huskers games in the fall. Fun Fact: On any given game day, Memorial Stadium, with a capacity of 91,585, becomes the third-largest city in Nebraska!

Employment Opportunities

Another important factor related to home buying is the employment opportunities available. And you’ll be pleased to know that Lincoln has plenty! Plus, Lincoln’s median household income of $57,746 is relatively close to the national average of $62,843, which makes living in the city more affordable.

According to Zippia, some of the largest employers in Lincoln include the University of Nebraska, Nelnet, Crete Carrier, Lincoln Public Schools,, Bryan Health, Valentino, Lincoln Industries, Neebo Holding Co., and B&R Stores. Many of the major employers have to do with education, which brings us back to our previous point. However, job opportunities cover a range of industries, from technology to trucking.

The Lifestyle

Living in Lincoln, Nebraska

Beyond all the statistics and data, there are many more reasons to consider buying a home in Lincoln. The city provides a well-rounded experience for all residents, no matter their stage in life. Lincoln is home to a roster of exceptional restaurants, coffee shops, bars and shops, and there’s always something going on throughout the year, whether it’s a live music event in the summer or a Huskers game in the fall. Not to mention, Lincoln provides an excellent sense of community and a family-friendly atmosphere. But we could go on and on — check out just a handful of the reasons we love living in Lincoln!

Looking to Buy a Home in Lincoln?

Are you convinced you need to buy a home in Lincoln? We can certainly help with that! Take a look at these homes for sale in Lincoln and contact us if you would like to get connected with a local real estate agent.

Mar 18, 2022 Real Estate
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